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The Principles

The basic rules are these

Do No Harm. 

That means don't put the community or the building at risk. Be respectful, don't let people run around damaging things or using tools without permission. People should not be using the space if they haven't signed a waiver. We are NOT going to be responsible for dumb people hurting themselves or poking themselves in the eye with a fork. If you are on the property without having signed a waiver, you are trespassing. That is to protect our group from lawsuits. Accidents happen, and we will take care of you, but take responsibility. And don't bring your hooligan friends over who think throwing gum and cigarette butts on the ground is fine. 

Leave No Trace. 

Pretty self explanatory. We aren't your great Aunty CleanALot. Pick up your litter and help keep the place in good order. Those who are found to be either directly or indirectly trashing the place will be banished. You want to have an event? Great. Are the people you are inviting over responsible, or are they a group of locusts that will swarm down on the place and make it a hog sty? Don't bring people into our center without educating them on how to act responsibly. 

Radical Inclusion.  

That means everyone is welcome. We cannot have a free-for-all without rules, but we should try to find a way to accommodate most everyone. 


That means you should express yourself and your ideas. Find a way to teach or create. Join a team that is making something huge and blinky. There will be a lot of opportunities. 


Whether this means making something fuzzy for a friend out of faux fur, or helping build a towering monstrosity that we may give to the city (an art piece), find a way to give. Volunteer to improve the center. The best way to give back might be to make the place increasingly worthy of our talented community. Better yet, go out into the community and volunteer. 


To some extend, try to restrain the natural urge to accumulate mounds of gold. There will be fees you can charge for classes, and artists are encouraged to display their works with pricing for purchase. These types of things are totally fine. But we will shy away from for-profit endeavors that seek to use the space only to make a buck. Some money exchange is necessary and encouraged, but only within the bounds of furthering our mission.

Civic Responsibility. 

Don't violate local laws or ordinances. The building will slowly improve to meet standards, such as city codes. Right now, we have a baby building that is trying to grow up, so that will take time. Until such time, don't use the space in a way that violates any ordinance or code. Or, if you want to do something, help get the building up to spec and go crazy. 


Work with others to achieve a common goal. Some people will lead the charge on things and may seem to be bossy or controlling. Remember, you have an equal voice. Work things out so that problems are solved and SHARE leadership roles as appropriate. If you disagree with someone, talk to them and work it out.
Listen. There are many people who have poured hours and hours of work into the place. They seek to build it up and to make it better. They also may seek to protect the place by challenging actions or ideas. Listen to others, because they may not just be ragging on you, they may be trying to protect our community center. And the same goes for those that have built it. Try to listen to those just coming in. They may end up being leaders too.