A community art piece that hopes to exist as a permanent installation. Made from metal and plexiglass, with thousands of interactive LEDs lining the rings. 

The community impact for this project is vast, allowing people from all ages and income levels to participate. These projects can help people who are depressed, feeling isolated, lonely, or who just want a place to belong. It is a very important part of a healthy community to offer participation in a free way. 

An interactive light project designed to
entertain and delight while you explore its surprises

Efforts are underway to transform a donated RV into a mobile art piece. This includes a creative design and look, integrated technology, architectural design, and various skills (welding, drafting, metal working, programming, and artistic design)

We are hoping to transform the East side of the building into a community garden. This means a covered (vine garden), herb garden, boxes, a bog garden (with carnivorous plants), annuals, and perennials. Plant taxonomy will be part of the learning experience from this garden. 

This also means it is yours to help create. 

Movement Arts

Some of the community are working to ready the space for movement arts, which includes dance, yoga, aerial silks, and a myriad other movement-type art forms. Once we are open, Xanadu will hold classes and allow for rehearsals in this studio. 

MesmerElda Enso



Movement Arts