Idaho Burners Alliance, Inc 
A 501(c)3 Non Profit

Idaho Burners Alliance

IBA is a community-centric non profit formed to foster art, science, and technology within the local community. All donations go toward the furtherance of these goals. Please help support our efforts!

Donate to a project! 


(or more if you are feeling generous!)

Family annual memberships are $60 for the first member plus $36 for each additional family member

You have the option of paying your membership fees in installments of $5 per month 
(or $5 + $3 for each family member, per month)  

You may also send general donations in any dollar amount using this link:

Another option for payment is to fill out a donation envelope in the foyer, insert cash or check, and put in the Donation Box on the wall near the Sunset Room.  Please make checks payable to Idaho Burners Alliance, Inc. and please include your email address for member updates.

To send a check with bill pay directly from your bank, address it to:
Idaho Burners Alliance, Inc.
5015 Bond Street
Boise ID 83706

Any questions about donations please contact Connie at